The AGXV high volume, low pressure spray gun (spray pistol) is used on automatic and semi-automatic machines where mass production spraying is necessary, or hand spraying is not accurate enough. Models and application information follows.

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Maximum Inlet Pressure 0.69MPa (7.0kgf/cm²)
Maximum Fluid Pressure 0.69MPa (7.0kgf/cm²)
Cylinder Air Pressure Min 0.34MPa (3.5kgf/cm²)
Max 0.69MPa (7.0kgf/cm²)
Weight 738g (without mounting stud)
865g (with mounting stud)
Mounting stud diameter 19mm
Fluid Inlet G3/8(M)
Cylinder Air G1/4(M)
Atomization Air G1/4(M)

Air Caps – Patterns – Application

Air Cap Fluid Tip Size(mm) Pattern Size and Shape
Air Cap No. Complete Air Cap No.
33A AGHV-101-33A E(1.8), FF(1.4)
230mm, tapered
46MP AGHV-101-46MP FF(1.4), FX(1.1) 280mm, straight
83MP AGHV-101-83MP D(2.2), E(1.8) 330mm, straight

Typical Application

33A : For general paints and low discharge rates (up to 300mL/min)
46MP : For general paints, medium viscosities, and medium discharge rates (up to 300 to 500mL/min)
83MP : For general paints, medium viscosities, and large discharge rates (up to 500mL/min)

This gun may be used with chlorinated solvents. Aluminum is not used in fluid passages.
If using chlorinated solvents, make sure all other fluid handling components are also compatible.

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