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The T AGPZ Low flow rate automatic spray gun specifically designed and suited for spraying small objects...

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Model No. Full-Auto(1.5) T-AGPZ-F15*-Z1-1.0-TC
Full-Auto(2.0) T-AGPZ-F20*-Z1-1.0-TC
Semi-Auto T-AGPZ-S*-Z1-1.0-TC
Atomization HVLP
Air Cap No. Z1
Nozzle Size 1.0mm
Pattern Width 80mm
Air Consumption 140L/min (0.1MPa)
Atomization Air Pressure 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa
Front Cylinder Air Pressure 0.25MPa
Rear Cylinder Air Pressure (Full-Auto only) 0.4MPa
Recommended Delivery 20 ~ 50mL/min
Atomization Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Pattern Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Front Cylinder Air Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Rear Cylinder Air Inlet (Full-Auto only) × 1(6 × 4mm)
Fluid Inlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Fluid Outlet × 1(6 × 4mm)
Weights (Full-Auto) 550g
Weights (Semi-Auto) 507g
Applications Cell phone / PC / Automobile parts, etc