Pro Series - Automotive refinishing spray guns


Pro Series Features

  • Optimum for waterborne paints and high solid paints.
  • Ergonomically designed adjustment knobs offer easy handling.
  • High transfer efficiency.
  • 4 colored snap rings offer easy identification of gun owner, and gun application.

PRO Lite
A lightweight DeVilbiss spray gun developed for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes.
Coaxial, low kick air valve design gives smoother feel for even greater air and paint control for ease of fade-outs and blend-ins.
There are four types of air caps (three types for LVMP, one for HVLP).
TE10 / TE20 / T110 : for base / clear (LVMP)
HV30 : for waterborne (HVLP)



Air cap application example according to environment

High humidity–As it is difficult to dry, the amount of air is increased to assist drying.
/ Low humidity–Because it is easy to dry, the amount of air is reduced to suppress drying

High temperature and fast drying → Increase the delivery volume. / Low temperature and slow drying → Decrease the delivery volume.

Light and Fit Comfortably in Your Hand!
Based on the well-received GTi Pro, 25% further weight loss is achieved.
In addition to the high performance and comfortable handgrip of GTi Pro, which is regularly used by professionals, further improvements have been made including the lightweight. With the surprising operability and perfect finish, it has reached a higher dimension.

Smooth and accurate adjustment
Air valve is made from lightweight alloy and the knob from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to ensure smooth operations without using lubricant. Adjustment can be per formed smoothly even when wearing gloves.

Improving maintenance is one of our services
Regular cleaning and careful maintenance are essential to keep the spray gun performance. PRO Lite is designed to ensure that the maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.
Parts can be removed or attached quickly due to the new spring position and screws which can be turned easily.
The fluid path is redesigned to help make paint move smoothly instead of interrupting the flow. Besides, the top part of the gun is removable so that the gun can be thoroughly cleaned to prevent coating defects resulted from remaining paint


  • The GPG-PR10 is a mid sized compliant gravity feed spray gun specifically designed for the application of modern primers, surfacer’s and fillers.
  • The Center cup allows for a large paint delivery (equivalent to a side cup diameter of 2.5 mm)
  • Heavy Coat & Wide Pattern (280mm) can reduce coating time.
  • High efficiency provides smooth and high appearance finish.
  • Provides the similar coating appearance as of base and clear coating.

PRO Lite-S
Top of the automotive refinishing spray guns Spot repair dedicated spray gun that keeps the GTi Pro performance.


Newly designed air cap / Newly designed air cap
By making full use of the advanced computational fluid dynamics technology, the DeVilbiss team has developed new four types of air caps for Pro Lite-S, which provide the best atomization from metallic or pearlescent paints to the latest high density clear coat paints.
/ Compared to the conventional products, precision machined cheater valve has been embedded to allow more accurate air adjustment.

Torx screws used
It is not easy to remove the trigger from a conventional spray gun, but now you can do it more quickly and easily with the attached Torx tool.

4 types of air caps are provided

MC1 and TE5 for LVMP, HV5 for waterborne paints (HVLP), and RS1 for round spotting (HVLP).