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DV1 Basecoat spraygun

The DV1 produces a perfectly balanced and consistent spray pattern to achieve precise color matches, seamless transitions and blends,

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Air Cap Atomization Pattern range(mm) Air consumption(L/min) Applications
DV1-B HVLP (Low Pressure) 330 395 Waterborne / Basecoat
DV1-B+ HVLP-PLUS (Middle and Low Pressure) 325 300 Waterborne,Solvent Base / Basecoat
Air Cap DV1-B
Atomization HVLP (Low Pressure)
Pattern range(mm) 330
Air consumption(L/min) 395
Applications Waterborne / Basecoat
Air Cap DV1-B+
Atomization HVLP-PLUS (Middle and Low Pressure)
Pattern range(mm) 325
Air consumption(L/min) 300
Applications Waterborne,Solvent Base / Basecoat