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DV1s Smart Repair Spray gun

THE NEXT GENERATION SPRAY GUN, Unexperienced operability: Unexperienced operability that makes full use of the latest technology such as...

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Air Cap Atomization Pattern range(mm) Air consumption(L/min) Applications
S1+ HVLP (Middle and Low Pressure) 200 115 Spot / Block
S2 HVLP-PLUS (Low Pressure) 180 130 Spot / Block
Air Cap S1+
Atomization HVLP (Middle and Low Pressure)
Pattern range(mm) 200
Air consumption(L/min) 115
Applications Spot / Block
Air Cap S2
Atomization HVLP-PLUS (Low Pressure)
Pattern range(mm) 180
Air consumption(L/min) 130
Applications Spot / Block

Common : Air inlet 0.2MPa