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Micro Bell Mark4

The latest electrostatic rotary atomizer provides the state-of-the-art performance in automatic application including superior finishing quality in metallic paint coating.

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Bell Cup Diameter Φ 30 / Φ 40 / Φ 50 / Φ 70mm
Bell rotation speed (Max.) 60,000rpm(Φ 30~Φ 50mm)
40,000rpm(Φ 70mm)
Air Consumption Turbine air:210L/min
Bearing air:50L/min (0.55MPa)
Shaping air:200~700L/min
Brake air:100L/min (To be used only for feedback mode)
Maximum paint delivery (Recommendation) 300mL/min
Cascade Max. Output Voltage:DC-90kV
Max. Output Current:200 μA
Rotation sensor Optical Fiber
Filter 0.01 μm
Dimensions Length 558mm
Weight 6.9kg