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SSL-10 Spray gun oil (Gun lube)SMK-101/105 Spray Gun Maintenance KitHAF-507 Air Filter etc.

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Specifications [SSL-10 Spray gun oil (Gun lube)]
SSL-101 piece
SSL-10-K1212 pieces
Specifications [SMK-101/105 Spray Gun Maintenance Kit]
SMK-101LUNA Series / JJ gun Series
SMK-105LUNA2 Series
Specifications [HAF-507 Air Filter (Whirlwind™)]
HAF-5071 piece
HAF-507-K1212 pieces
Specifications [42884-214-K5 Cleaning brush (5 pieces)]
HAF-5071 piece
HAF-507-K1212 pieces
Specifications [D803553-K12/K48 Anti-Static Wiper]

Single-use, treated wipe that eliminates static between refinish coats.

  • Removes contaminants between coats of sealer, basecoat and before clear
  • Helps reduce orange peel and improve metallic orientation
  • Reduce paint defects caused by static and dirt
  • Lint -free, no VOCs, non-marring
  • Use dry only
  • Avoid contact with any liquids
  • Liquid may alter properties of the Anti-Static Wiper
  • Individually bagged, reusable
Specifications [D803553-K12/K48 Anti-Static Wiper]