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RAgent Mark 2

Featuring best suited to various shaped workpiece and more than 75% high transfer efficiency obtainable by point high voltage of -90 kV

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Total lengthApprox. 390mm
WeightApprox. 2.4kg (Excluding low voltage cable)
Impressed VoltageMax. DC-90kV
Maximum paint delivery (Recommendation)300mℓ/min
Air ConsumptionAtomization air 100 ~ 250L/min
Pattern air 100 ~ 250L/min
Tubing sizeAtomizing air 10 × 8mm
Pattern air 10 × 8mm
Paint 6 × 4mm (Standard)(Conductive paint type : RM-5M)
Air/Paint nozzleConventional and new nozzles are available.
CascadeInput Voltage DC3 to 23V(15 to 20kHz)
Output voltage -30 to -90kV
Environmental ConditionsAmbient temperature 0 to 45°C
Relative humidity 25 to 85%RH
(No dew condensation should be present)