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Two units (2ch) of boost voltage type coating equipment can be controlled by this one device, high voltage output can be obtained with four stages and range of -5 to 90kV for each of the stages are available.

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Output voltage-5 ~ -90kV
Max. Output current200 μA
Number of output voltage presets4presets
Safety circuit
  1. Over load detection function (CL)
  2. Slope di/dt sensitivity detection function (SL)
  3. Low voltage cable cut detection function (WT)
  4. HV transformer over current detection function (OC)
Power inputAC100V ~ 240V(AC85 ~ 265V)、50/60Hz、190VA
Regulator voltageOscillating frequency:11 ~ 28KHz
Output voltage range:DC1 ~ 32V/3A max (less than 100W)
Electric insulationWithstand voltage…AC1500V, 1minute
Insulation resistance…DC500V…more than 100M Ω
ConditionTemperature : 0 ~ 45℃, Humidity : 30 ~ 85%RH No condensation.
Storage temperature : -5℃~ 50℃, 10 ~ 85%RH No condensation.
Dimensions(W)250 ×(H)80 ×(D)240mm