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AC Gear Pump

“Ransburg Gear Pump” that has always obtained the trust of No.1 in the industry for 30 years, with the performance that excelled with the quality that stabilized. The performance of Ransburg gear pump has improved furthermore.

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ModelCode No.DimensionWeightDeliveryStandard adaptive
■Standard Type
RIF-0.5-02A51406549×801.70.518~180For normal paint (Standard)
RIF-1.5-02A51406155×801.81.554~540For normal paint (Standard)
RIF-3.0-02A51406365×802.03.0108~1080For normal paint (Standard)
RIF-4.5-02A51406468×802.14.5162~1620For normal paint (Standard)
RIF-0.5-02P49×801.70.518~180For high viscosity of metallic paint
RIF-1.5-02P55×801.81.554~540For high viscosity of metallic paint
RIF-3.0-02P65×802.03.0108~1080For high viscosity of metallic paint
RIF-4.5-02P68×802.14.5162~1620For high viscosity of metallic paint
■Axis wash Type
RIF-0.5K10-02A51406855×801.80.518~180For two component paint
RIF-1.5K10-02A51406661×801.91.554~540For two component paint
RIF-4.5K10-02A51406774×802.24.5162~1620For two component paint
■Flushable Type
RIF-1.5K-02FB61×801.81.554~540For multiple color change
RIF-3.0K-02FB71×802.03.0108~1080For multiple color change